Jul 09

6 Reasons Your Company Should Utilize Mailprotector Email Security

If your inbox looks anything like the average person’s, it’s overflowing with spam emails. Spam isn’t just annoying but can compromise your device’s security. At Southshore Managed IT Group, we believe that you shouldn’t have to wade through spam to get to your important emails. The Cloudfilter Mailprotector ensures that the emails you receive are safe and legitimate, saving you time from dealing with spam. Here are six ways this software can benefit your company.

  1. Filters Dangerous Emails

Spam emails add nothing positive to an inbox — so why not stop them from the start? CloudFilter Email Security ensures that you and your users’ inboxes are free of dangerous spam. Before your users receive an email, it must be deemed acceptable via an email filter. That means harmful spam and viruses will never even reach their inboxes. No longer will your users need to worry about downloading malware from an email; they can rest assured knowing the only emails in their inboxes are safe emails, improving their experience.

  1. Easily Search Inbox

When your inbox becomes filled, it can be hard to navigate and find the desired information. Our software’s SecureStore feature includes an email archiving system, providing organization to an otherwise chaotic inbox. The time it usually takes to search for an email can now be used productively, giving you more time to write responses or view data. Another benefit of the search tool is it allows you to archive your data. No need to dig through old emails for important information — it’s all at your fingertips.

  1. Prevent Outbound Spam 

Your company wants the best for your clients: a secure, convenient email provider they can rely on. Unfortunately, you may inadvertently send spam or sensitive data to your clients. Not only is this a huge inconvenience on your users’ part, but it can also damage your company’s image by revealing sensitive information. Protect your users’ inboxes — and your reputation — by getting CloudFilter Email Security by partnering with Mailprotector. This feature provides policy-based compliance and email encryption to make sure outbound emails do not have viruses.

  1. Define Policy Rules

The software contains pre-determined criteria for filtering spam emails. However, you can further customize the filter according to your standards, meaning you set the rules. For instance, say your company wants to filter emails with attachments or explicit language. You can do that by setting your unique policy rules. With this customization option, your admins can easily manage inbound emails.

  1. Efficiently Manage Quarantined Emails

Usually, going through your spam folder to find misdirected emails is tedious. CloudFilter changes that with its hassle-free quarantining system. Once the filter catches an email, you can release it into your inbox with a simple double click. You don’t even need to log in — the quarantined emails are accessible from a link. If you decide a sender is safe, you can quickly add them to a list that will ensure their emails do not get quarantined.

  1. Receive Summarized Security Reports

You see the appeal of this software — but how can you be sure it’s effective? If you’re wondering just how efficient Mailprotector is, you can view email analytics. These analytics display the total number of spam emails that were filtered over a certain period of time. You can view the data for inbound and outbound emails, and the number of viruses that were stopped. This feature allows you and your users to be aware of exactly how many dangerous emails were caught by the software.

Learn More About Mailprotector Today

With many benefits ranging from organization to security, Mailprotector’s CloudFilter can transform your email experience. When you use this software, you’ll discover how helpful CloudFilter can be. Check out this PDF for ways to manage your email protection. If you’re ready to better protect your information and make spam a thing of the past, contact Southshore Managed IT Group today!




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