Granger Rice

Wonderful people to talk to very professional
gets the job done.

Tom Latimer - Rice & Rice

Expedient Service, Always a pleasure dealing with Southshore IT.


SouthShore Managed IT greatly helped me with my business. They are very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.

Jeff Eichensehr - Polar Heating & Air Conditioning

We have partnered with Southshore for many years now. We trust them with all of our IT needs so we can concentrate on our business. The help desk is always ready to assist us with whatever tasks we need performed. We look forward to continuing working with them.

Ashley Miller - Indiana Furniture Showcase

“The team at Southshore Managed IT has consistently exceeded our expectations.  Their impeccable service and commitment to managing all of our IT concerns, has made an overwhelming difference in our business; allowing us to put more energy and focus into what we do.  It’s like having an IT fairy godmother who’s always there for you and works magic (printers included)!”

Scott Schill - Gums n Roses

“I have been with Southshore Managed IT for many years, good support, good people to work with. Strongly recommend.”

Jake Bristol - State Farm Insurance

“I’m happy to have trusted Southshore Managed IT to service and protect my family and business computers for years. They’ve delivered on their promises EVERY day.”

George Gorman - Nexus Employment

“Southshore Managed IT is an excellent partner, one we rely on for our most difficult and complex IT solutions. Their work in software, hardware and installation is second to none! They don’t meet but exceed expectations.”

Dana Blazek - SEI Solutions, LLC

“Southshore Managed IT is a Service with a Smile. They are very friendly and helpful.”

Nancy Pearson - Tec-Air LLC

“Working with Southshore Managed IT has been extremely beneficial for our company.  Southshore Managed IT standardized our systems and upgraded our infrastructure to create a more effective IT environment.  Southshore Managed IT has earned our trust as a business partner and have complete confidence in the abilities of your engineers.”

Donna Flanagin - Flanagin's Bulk Mail Service

“Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service has been using Southshore Managed IT as our computer gurus for over 5 years.  We are extremely happy with their service and knowledge.  My crisis is their challenge and they literally are batting 1,000 for us.  It is so comforting as a business owner to know that the fellows at Southshore Managed IT are there for us.  You will not be disappointed if you choose Southshore Managed IT at your computer life support guys!!!”

Caleb S. Johnson Law, LLC

“Southshore Managed IT was instrumental in allowing me to go into business for myself. Setting up my computers, networking, backup solutions and software was almost seamless. I have had terrific technical support with new equipment or equipment upgrades and software changes, handled both remotely and on-site. I highly recommend Southshore Managed IT.”

Joe Emerick – CompressAir

“IT problems were a major stumbling block for us in the past. Often, we would wait hours or even days to get a problem resolved. Many times, we would even have to resort to attempting to solve our problems ourselves. This wasted countless manhours and the halt of productivity cost us an immeasurable amount of revenue. Since we hired Southshore Managed IT to advise us on, and maintain all our IT systems, those old problems are over. We literally never worry about IT problems anymore. Now we spend all our time taking care of our customers and focusing on our core business activities and we never waste time struggling with IT issues. If a problem arises, we contact Southshore Managed IT and the problem is resolved immediately. Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the choice we made in switching to Southshore Managed IT for our IT needs.”

Brittany Fisher - CompressAir

“Our company has been with Southshore Managed IT for many years and have been very satisfied. Southshore Managed IT is always just a phone call or email away when something goes wrong. Whether they come to our office or help us over the phone our computer system in never down for more than a few. We are thankful for our good working relationship with Southshore Managed IT.”

Steve Olsen - CompressAir

“Southshore Managed IT has made sure that we are always up and running even with our antique software.  If a problem does come up, I like to say “we call, they fix” which is what we really want.  We aren’t IT experts, but they are and we’re glad for that.”

Coty Thompson - CompressAir

“Southshore Managed IT is always there to assist me with my needs and issues and resolve them quickly and efficiently.  Their staff is very friendly and genuinely care about getting issues resolved no matter how small.  I would recommend Southshore Managed IT to anyone who is looking for helpful and reliable service.”

Ronald A. Lullo - Vice President of HR / Safety / Security

“IT has an impact on each and every one of us on a daily. Having an IT problem impacts all of us. Southshore Managed IT Group, whether remotely or in person get you back on-line in a short time; fixing it right the first time. Something my last IT Consultants couldn’t do. These IT Professionals have had a positive impact on our business, but don’t take my word for it; try them!!!”

Denise Obenauf - Vice President of Finance and Accounting

“Having Southshore Managed IT Group manage our IT has allowed us to focus on the day to day and grow our business remarkably and efficiently. Whether it was relocating our facility in a timely manner or the vendor management services they provide, Southshore Managed IT Group has and continues to go beyond our expectations. All this and more within the first year of our relationship.”

“Southshore Managed IT Group has been a great asset to our company. We value our partnership with them and have been very satisfied with the work they do!”

Matt Cook – Matt’s Web Design

“The guys at Southshore Managed IT Group have kept my web server running smoothly and are always quick to resolve any issues proactively to ensure my customers websites are always online!”

Heather Hain-Whiteford – Lakeside Community Development Corporation

“Our day-to-day tasks revolve around technology and when that fails, production stops. Southshore Managed IT Group exceeded our expectations by working quickly to get us setup and back on the right track. Our computers are running smoother and faster than ever before. We are networked and able to share documents more easily which ultimately provides that we are better as a team. I would definitely recommend Southshore Managed IT Group to others, especially small businesses and other not-for-profits like us.”

Tom Grynovich – Midwest Service Center

“As a director for a multi-million dollar service industry, we constantly have IT consultants trying to get a foot in the door. The results not only with services and solutions but also with purchasing equipment have been less than impressive in the past. Jeremy and Southshore Managed IT Group have changed that. Outstanding response times, practical, cost-saving solutions, adaptable with our growth and unwavering dedication to his customers sets Jeremy far ahead of his competitors. Highly recommend Jeremy and Southshore Managed IT Group.”

Theresa Zimmermann – Future Focus Group

“If you are like me, when you have an issue you want fixed, you want it fixed now! You want all possible solutions discussed, you want the most effective and efficient solution recommended, and then you want it done. You want it done quickly and you want it done well.

This is exactly what I have found each time I deal with Southshore Managed IT Group. My interactions with both Jeremy and Chris have always, without exception, displayed outstanding service, product and explaining of situations in language I could understand. The trust I have in them was developed quickly and as a result, I suspect our dealings with one another will continue for a long, long time.

I would highly recommend Southshore Managed IT Group to any individual or business looking to work with someone who is not just selling another service but rather someone who is as passionate about what they do as you are about what you do. I envision this team of “geeks” as not someone just providing a service but as a partner in my business looking to help me find solutions. “

Tracey Stalbrink – Martin R. Ulferts & Associates

“After having the same IT Company for many years and not getting the exact or prompt results that were always wanted, I took a leap of faith and switched to Southshore Managed IT Group. Southshore Managed IT Group has been fantastic. They are extremely knowledgeable, and have made the transition as smooth as possible. I feel very confident that Southshore Managed IT Group will make any future upgrades easier for my office. Southshore Managed IT Group has been very prompt in answering the questions and concerns that anyone in my office has had, and are very quick to help with any glitches we have run into while switching calendar systems. I highly recommend Southshore Managed IT Group to anyone looking for a great IT service!”

Lynn Fisel, CPA

“Just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for your help in getting the new software downloaded. You have gone out of your way to help us, and, per my conversation with Erin at Indiana Furniture, this is why I called you.”

Judy Ditmire – Culver Dental Clinic

“We began using Southshore Managed IT Group in November of 2012. They assessed and addressed our computer network needs. Prompt installation and service has improved our daily flow within the practice, and they have far exceeded our expectations. We always know they are just a phone call or click away. We would recommend anyone to give Southshore Managed IT Group an opportunity to assist your office.”

Erin - Indiana Furniture Showcase

“Game Changers!  Before Southshore Managed IT we had a lot of technology problems and our computers were constantly infected with spyware.  Since we started working with Southshore Managed IT our computers have been clean and our network runs fast.  Our more than 70,000 sqft store is covered in wifi and you can see the technology as you peruse the furniture.”

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