Sep 26

Backup Your Files…

        before it’s too late


I promise that there will be a day when something happens to your important files and they will be lost forever…unless you take some precautions.  The best peace-of-mind precaution is to establish yourself with a reliable file-backup system.  Nowadays, backup services are becoming more cost effective to upload to the Cloud instead of saving everything to a Flash Drive.  Sure, a Flash Drive might be cheaper in the long run since you only have to purchase it once, but what if it gets lost, fails, or eaten by a fire?  That is where cloud-storage stands apart from a physical backup; everything is off-site and safe from harm.  Also, these cloud-storage services have the necessary knowledge and resources to provide a safe and secure environment for your data.

In addition to the above, there is also risk to your files especially if you share a computer with someone.  Even if that person you share your computer with logs into a different account it’s still possible for them to cause enough havoc to render your files useless.

Some scenarios that files can become inaccessible:

*accidental deletion.

*ransomware/malware attack.

*failed system updates.

*hard drive failure.

Paranoid yet?

Okay, so what is a good cloud storage service to use?  I personally use CrashPlan for file-backup.  There is a monthly fee, however this service provides unlimited storage at a reasonable price.  Not only does it provide unlimited space, but the backup application can be configured in many different ways.  One of the best features is being able to restore a file from different backup points in the past.  Furthermore, these files can be accessed from anywhere if needed since they reside in the Cloud.

If you’d like to explore the other features their website can be found here: www.crashplan.com, then contact us @ 219-226-3386.



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