Jan 15

Increasing Tensions with Iran Highlight the Importance of Network Security

Bombs might be the first thing you imagine when you think of war, but for many, cyber-terror attacks are a more likely threat. As tensions rise between the United States and Iran, experts are concerned about retaliation in the form of cyberattacks. Fears of new…

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Nov 12

Why Your “Smart” Home May Not Be So Smart

Written by: Jack Loomis We live in a technological age; everything that we do is either posted to the Internet intentionally – through things such as social media – or unintentionally through location services, web trackers, etc. Most of us disregard the latter as just…

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Sep 18

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Focus on Cybersecurity

Written by Jack Loomis Keeping your business’ data private: In today’s world of technology and our dependence on it – especially in business – it’s even more important to focus on cybersecurity. The more things connected to the Internet equals more potential avenues for a…

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Jul 09

6 Reasons Your Company Should Utilize Mailprotector Email Security

If your inbox looks anything like the average person’s, it’s overflowing with spam emails. Spam isn’t just annoying but can compromise your device’s security. At Southshore Managed IT Group, we believe that you shouldn’t have to wade through spam to get to your important emails.…

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