Jul 12

Buying a New PC for Business?


I often get asked for my opinion on what brand or processor is best along with whether or not to get a laptop or desktop. On the other hand, I hardly ever get asked about which edition of Windows to choose. I’m not talking about whether or not someone should upgrade to Windows 10, but rather the “Home” and “Pro” edition of Windows. Majority of the computers that retailers sell will come with a “Home” edition of Windows and for the most part that is understandable, because in the end most retailers cater to the consumer and not businesses.

The reason why choosing the correct edition of Windows is so important is because the two edition of Windows have different “features”. You can also think of the “Home” edition as a lightweight “Pro” edition. I often find myself in the scenario where a client or prospect calls saying they purchased a new machine the other day and either needs it set up or are having trouble setting it up themselves. Far too often this scenario ends with the new machine being a “Home” edition and the client/prospect’s business network not supporting that edition of Windows. Most small businesses nowadays have a domain network, or a dedicated server computer, that only works properly with “Pro” editions of Windows. These scenarios typically end with the need to upgrade Windows on the new machine, which requires spending more time and money to accomplish…not to mention the possibility of issues arising during the upgrade process. So in the long run, in my opinion, it’s always wise to spend the extra money to get a business edition of Windows even if you’re unsure as to what type of network you have in your business. It reduces the headaches and potential issues in the future. One less thing to worry about!

The main aspect to keep in mind when choosing a new machine is – “Home” is for home, and “Pro” is for business.



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