Nov 09

Case Study on Compress Air

In regards to the use of our laptops, on a regular basis, I personally utilize the laptop, incorporated with our specific software, in order to communicate with a Sullair specific and proprietary microprocessor entitled as a WS controller. The ability to communicate with the WS system provides the user to have the ability to obtain operational status, fault history, programming of the controller into the specific compressor series as well as implementing the required calibration of the compressor related sensors to ensure the sensors are within range and specifically “tuned” to a customer’s facility.

How Onsite Technicians Use Technology

In addition to the WS capabilities, I also use the laptop to communicate with variable frequency drive assemblies in which are incorporated with industrial equipment. Having the capability to communicate with the variable frequency drive applications, usually being Yaskawa or Eaton, allows the user to not only program variable frequency specific parameters but also provides the capacity for logging data trends, obtaining faults, fault history and monitoring features to verify response and operational data.

Finally, the laptop also serves as a data collection point that allows any technician with access to reference multiple folders containing countless manuals, technical data, pneumatic instrumentation diagrams and wiring schematics.

Technology is among our tool pouches in this industry and without having a reliable device to contain our required interface software and populated information available, we would be incompetent.

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