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Apr 14

5 Steps to Protect Your Email and Digital Privacy from Hackers

Small businesses, the backbone of local economies, boast agility that larger corporations envy. However, this agility, paired with extensive digital interactions in today's marketplace, exposes them to serious digital risks. Every minute, 12 cyberattacks occur, making a robust security framework crucial for small business owners…

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Feb 07

Starting A Small Business? How To Protect Yourself Online

Are you thinking of starting your own business? Congratulations! Venturing into entrepreneurship is challenging but rewarding. From building a team to managing finances, attention to detail is crucial. But have you considered online security? In today's digital era, cyber security is vital for all businesses.…

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Aug 19

What Is Cloud Computing?

Security, accessibility and reliability are critical components of a business’s IT infrastructure. Cloud computing offers certain advantages for small to medium-sized businesses, and it’s time for your company to discover them. The Southshore Managed IT Group is ready to help you create an effective strategy.…

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Jun 14

7 Tips For Preventing Phishing Attacks

The internet is host to all kinds of sensitive information. As the risks of phishing attacks increase, businesses need to prepare. A security breach can mean irreparable damage to your data and reputation. Knowing the different kinds of phishing attacks and how to prevent them…

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