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Running a business requires your full-time attention. But there are so many details you must pay attention to, such as your network’s security. Cybersecurity is an important component of any business. When you have important information that must be kept safe, you need a reliable IT team that can do the heavy lifting for you. At Southshore Managed IT, we provide the best Chesterton network security systems for small businesses. We’ll make sure that your information gets 24/7 protection from malware, phishing scams, theft and more. 

Benefits of Our Chesterton Network Security Systems

As you look for ways to make your business more efficient, take a look at your network’s security. Having a seamless infrastructure optimizes your business’s efficiency since it lets you focus your energy on other matters. You won’t need to worry about losing your data with a well-crafted cybersecurity strategy. Here’s how our IT team can help:

  • Hosted email encryption: Since many hackers target your inbox, protect your emails safe with our hosted email encryption services. By encrypting your emails, you know that your messages will only be read by the recipient. 
  • Managed firewalls: A good firewall is one that protects your network. But a managed firewall provides additional protection since the updates are managed by our team. We keep track of the latest threats and respond in kind. 
  • Anti-virus protection: A computer virus has the ability to compromise your entire network. Never overlook your anti-virus protection. If you believe it could be improved, our experts can help find a solution. 
  • Anti-phishing filtering: Phishing is a common tactic used to steal your passwords, banking information and other sensitive data. These scams often are seen in emails. We provide anti-phishing filtering software that blocks these emails from ever reaching your inbox, to begin with. 

All of our services are excellent options. Of course, your business is unique. We’ll discuss your options so you can choose a service that accomplishes your goals. 

Why Choose Southshore Managed IT?

Southshore Managed IT provides the best managed IT services in the area. We are a leading provider of effective, practical security solutions for local businesses. Your company’s security is always our top priority, so we work hard to deliver the services that are best for your unique case. When you select us to be your managed IT team, you receive constant surveillance on your network’s security and attentive customer service when you need it. We’re confident that our services will come in handy:

  • Professional services, like system design
  • Managed IT and printing
  • Business continuity

No matter what you need, we will deliver your service with the utmost dedication. We are committed to your satisfaction and do everything we can to ensure that your needs are met. Sometimes, businesses benefit from a combination of our services for maximum protection. If you think this is the case for you, just give us a call!

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