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The Southshore Managed IT Group is a team offering premier IT services for small to medium businesses. We are your go-to team when you need assistance building a digital strategy for your company. Streamline time-consuming tasks and get better protection for less money by selecting our wide variety of services. 

The Cloud Computing Service Portage Businesses Use to Get Ahead

Enhancing your company is a matter of using the right tools. There’s a lot of day-to-day tasks that take up your precious time, many of which likely involve troubleshooting various technical problems. Overseeing your online security and protecting your digital assets can take much of your energy. Yet, hiring an in-house IT team is likely impractical as far as costs and training go. Instead, avoid the stress of these situations by working with the Southshore Managed IT Group. 

We approach cloud computing with your unique needs in mind. Individualized solutions allow us to serve you in the best way possible, unlocking your organization’s true potential. 

Our Cloud Services and Their Benefits

Recently, cloud computing has become a top choice for businesses searching for ways to boost productivity and efficiency. We offer a range of comprehensive cloud computing services fit for your company’s individual needs. 

  • Cloud Hosting. From right in our office, we help manage the ins and outs of your data. It’s common to run into significant issues related to data usage, which leads to having to scramble for extra space. Instead, you focus on running your business while we take the lead. With cloud hosting, you can avoid the issue altogether.
  • Hosting Applications. It’s possible to use the cloud to host specific applications that are important to your company. A cloud hosting service helps you avoid various IT issues while making networking and sharing much easier.
  • Microsoft Cloud Services. When you need reliable services, Microsoft is a top choice. If you are interested in using Office, Azure or Windows in your company’s operations, consider pairing them with our Microsoft cloud services. We’ll set up the programs in a way that is optimized for your business.

No matter which option you need, you’ll enjoy improved data management. Cloud computing expands your data storage capabilities, which prevents a number of potential complications before they ever happen. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your most important assets are securely backed up and readily accessible. Plus, you get comprehensive customer service when you need it the most. Our affordable services are the prime solution to your troublesome storage complications. Be sure to speak to our team to explore the possibilities. 

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The Southshore Managed IT Group is proud to provide the cloud computing service Portage businesses need. By streamlining your data management, you can free up additional time and energy to devote to other tasks. Call us now to schedule a consultation where you can talk one-on-one with a team member. We’ll provide the information you need to choose the right service for your professional goals. 

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