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With the rapid growth of technology in most workplaces, the need for IT specialists has grown as well! Today, cloud computing allows businesses to access a tremendous amount of data online, allowing for an efficient flow of information between different areas of your business. If you’re searching for “cloud computing services near me,” look no further! Southshore Managed IT Group provides the gold standard for hosted cloud computing services throughout Northwest Indiana, helping many clients create efficient IT solutions for their established and growing companies.

How Does Cloud Computing Work?

Over time, data storage has undergone a sort of renaissance. From the floppy disks of decades past, storage devices have come a long way. Today, physical storage devices are smaller, sleeker and more compatible with a broader range of devices. However, advances in digital storage — also known as cloud computing — have facilitated the replacement of many physical storage devices. Using the power of the internet — as well as huge, remote storage facilities — a tremendous amount of information can be accessed from any internet-accessing device. Thus, whether you are reading an email on your smartphone or creating an online spreadsheet at your desk, you are using cloud computing. With the right logins and access, most internet-capable devices can access these materials, allowing for a massive and instantaneous transfer of information.

Southshore Managed IT Group’s Cloud Computing Services

Most companies now have some form of internet capability. However, using the full range of options made available by advances in cloud computing software requires specialized knowledge in the field. At Southshore Managed IT Group, our cloud computing experts ensure that clients’ devices and networks are up-to-date with the latest hardware and software, all while helping design a sleeker, more efficient system. After all, not every business has the same needs and capabilities as the next. We work with your existing network, helping transition away from obsolete data storage methods and towards the latest cloud storage options, while remaining on-hand to troubleshoot problems and offer technical support.

Our cloud computing solutions include:

  • Cloud hosting – We handle your storage needs, allowing you to focus on running your business. Instead of having to manage your own servers, we will handle all aspects of server maintenance, upkeep and backup.
  • Microsoft – No modern office is complete without certain Microsoft applications — including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Southshore Managed IT Group helps businesses customize these applications to fit their needs best.
  • Hosted security options – From anti-spam features in your company email to other, more extensive cybersecurity measures, we will protect your data and information from prying eyes, all while keeping your network clean and user-friendly.

Though these are some of the most popular features we include for our clients, IT is very much a field built on customization. If you’ve spent time searching for “customizable cloud computing services near me,” we’ve got you covered! Your business may benefit from any of the above — and several other — cloud computing features.

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Interested in utilizing cloud computing services to your advantage? Southshore Managed IT Group is your destination for all your company’s IT needs: give us a call today and see how we can help upgrade your storage capabilities and networking options, even as we troubleshoot the inevitable tech problems that arise. If you’ve ever asked yourself “where can I find innovative cloud computing services near me?” you’ve come to the right place! Reach out today to discuss the technological needs of your business!

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