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Nowadays, businesses have plenty of options to complete their everyday tasks with better efficiency, and the cloud is just one of many tools to utilize. Here at The Southshore Managed IT Group, our team aims to provide the best cloud service Valpo businesses can find. Our mission is to be your most dependable IT consultant, and we help you find the best solutions to your most pressing concerns. For many, the cloud unlocks your company’s true potential by allowing you to share information remotely and back up what’s most important. To discuss your options, call our team today. 

What Are Cloud Services, and What Are the Benefits?

You’ve probably heard of the “cloud,” which is essentially another word for the Internet. The cloud is a place where you can store and share data with others; in fact, you’ve likely already used it in the form of email and file-sharing systems. Businesses should know that utilizing the cloud to its fullest unlocks various benefits. As one of the most important functions in any modern company, it’s important to understand how the cloud operates and how you can best use it to your advantage. 

Here’s what you should know about using our cloud services at The Southshore Managed IT Group:

  • Fewer Long-Term Costs. While cloud services by a managed IT team have up-front costs, you will actually save money as the years pass. Funding an in-house IT team is often much more costly since you have to direct many resources and time into training and hiring an individual. Cloud services can also help with disaster management since your information will be safe and won’t need to be recovered, which can be a time-consuming process. 
  • Improved Security. Our job is to monitor your network 24/7. With cloud hosting, we can identify any issues that arise right as they happen, meaning our team can help prevent a major disaster from occurring. This strategy is much more efficient than in-house cloud computing since a company would need to divide its efforts. We can focus solely on your business’s immediate needs and ensure they are always met. 
  • Flexibility. If your current IT strategy limits how much your organization can accomplish, it’s time to utilize an external resource. Cloud hosting lowers how much attention you need to place on data storage since we handle that matter for you. Plus, it provides additional bandwidth and better flexibility in regard to how your organization operates. 
  • Mobility. One of the biggest advantages to cloud computing is the ability to access company data from your smartphone and mobile devices. Nowadays, networking is commonly done remotely, so you can provide vital information with ease. 

There are plenty more benefits to be found, including disaster recovery, better collaboration and quality control. Discover how our cloud services can transform your company’s IT infrastructure by calling us today. 

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The Southshore Managed IT Group is proud to provide the dependable cloud service Valpo business leaders need to improve their operations. Contact our knowledgeable team today to begin improving your IT structure.

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