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Southshore Managed IT is your trusted IT service provider! We offer so many services that are relevant to your business, like network security systems Schererville. When it comes to security, you deserve top-notch managed IT services that have you covered 24/7. With the Southshore Managed IT team, you’ll get just that—and much more! Learn more about what services we offer by calling us today!

What is a Network Security System?

Simply put, a network security system consists of the measures your business takes to protect your company’s data from hackers and thieves. These systems may involve digital preventative security measures such as firewalls, access control, anti-malware and much more. All of these together act as a “network” of security measures that protect your data. 

A network security system is vital to any business or organization that handles particularly sensitive information. However, even if your business’s information might not be considered sensitive, you likely have information that needs to stay away from prying eyes. Considering this, any business should carefully consider the benefits of network security systems. 

Southshore Managed IT Helps Protect Your Data

Our mission is to combine outstanding customer service with quality managed IT services. We help keep your information safe with our variety of online security options. Take a look at what you can find at Southshore Managed IT:

  • Managed Firewalls: You’ve likely heard of a firewall, which is a software on electronic devices that defends against viruses. However, a managed firewall is a bit different. While the overall concept is the same—your technology is protected against hackers and malware—a managed firewall is overseen by an IT expert, effectively filling any security gaps as they come. In short, it’s a much more secure way to protect your information.
  • Hosted Email Encryption: Email accounts are prone to be hacked. No one wants their email account used by hackers to send out dangerous emails containing virus-filled attachments. These are inconvenient to deal with and puts your security, and credibility, at risk. Block these emails from the get-go with hosted email encryption. This service involves encrypting your emails to prevent hackers from finding ones with sensitive information.
  • Anti-Virus Protection: The goal of this software is similar to that of a firewall. Anti-virus protection does exactly what its name suggests: it prevents viruses from infecting your technology. This is a must-have for any business that uses online services. Viruses are difficult to remove and can cause major damage to your hardware. Always opt for the safer choice: get anti-virus protection if you haven’t already!

Southshore Managed IT can help you with all sorts of security-related matters. We offer so much more, from managed filtering to anti-phishing services. Call us today for more information on how we can help your business!

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It’s time to protect your data and keep your business safe. With our network security systems Schererville, you won’t have to worry about your business’s information being compromised. Our team offers its dedicated support: call Southshore Managed IT today!

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