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Running a business is enough to keep you busy, so you need a trustworthy team to handle your data for you. Southshore Managed IT offers Portage cloud hosting services for businesses throughout Northwest Indiana. We’re happy to help you with a number of IT-related concerns while delivering the attentive customer service you need. Cloud hosting is an excellent way to secure your data without slowing down your own servers. Learn more about our cloud hosting services by calling our IT experts today!

What Is Cloud Hosting?

If you’ve never heard of cloud hosting, you may wonder how it works. When we refer to the “cloud,” we are referring to the Internet as a place to store data. Instead of saving information to your computer’s hard drive, it is saved via an Internet-based connection and is accessible from anywhere. Cloud hosting lets you have extra computing power and storage space without needing to manage it yourself.  

Cloud hosting services are an excellent option for businesses looking to boost their security. Think of it as outsourcing your data management. Rather than managing your information’s security on your own, you leave the task in our team’s capable hands. Your data is stored elsewhere, so you won’t need to worry about running out of space on your own servers. This also means your data is protected 24/7, even when you’re not there. You’ll be glad to know that cloud hosting services are beneficial in many ways:

  • Safety. Storing your data on the cloud lets you avoid a number of issues, including data breaches and hardware malfunctioning. If hackers compromise a server, you can use another server and save your information. 
  • Convenience. Unlike traditional hosting, cloud hosting provides options when your servers are down. If you’re having problems with one server, we can simply transfer your information to another server. This is also helpful if your site experiences a sudden increase in traffic, which may otherwise cause it to go offline. 
  • Efficiency. Cloud hosting reduces the strain on your servers, which allows faster loading time. Your assets are available anywhere, so you can easily share data within your company’s network. 

If cloud hosting sounds like a feasible option for your company, we encourage you to discuss the benefits with our team. Our experts are happy to provide you with more information. 

Southshore Managed IT Provides the Support You Need

Before settling on an IT provider, it’s important to learn about the company’s history, mission and type of work they do. Your information’s confidentiality is important, so an IT business should excel in what they do. At Southshore Managed IT, we are proud to dedicate ourselves to serving small and medium businesses throughout Northwest Indiana. We never do less than our best and pull all stops to solve your IT-related problems. Whether you need cloud hosting services or business continuity, our team endeavors to be the one you can rely on. 

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If cloud hosting sounds like a good solution for your business, contact the Southshore Managed IT group today. We can set up a consultation so you can learn more about the benefits of our Portage cloud hosting services. Call or message us: we look forward to meeting you!

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