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Spam is more than a nuisance that fills your email inbox. Cybersecurity threats are a major concern to nearly all modern businesses. If you have been receiving spam, there are many effective solutions available to keep your information safe. The Southshore Managed IT Group works hard to deliver customized solutions for our clients. Spam can put your important data at risk, so you need a security plan that defends from every angle. With our spam protection service, Crown Point businesses can enhance their IT infrastructure’s security. 

What Are the Risks of Spam?

Cyber threats in the form of spam can lead to significant problems for your company. These threats are constantly changing, and many of them are deceptive in nature. For instance, a virus-infected email may look normal at a first glance, and someone may open it without even realizing that it contains malware. With our spam protection service, these types of emails are automatically blocked from ever reaching your inbox. A spam filter detects harmful emails based on highly specific criteria to greatly reduce the associated risks, which include: 

  • Spyware. Spyware lets a third party gather information about your computer’s activity without your knowledge. Often, spyware is used to track passwords and usernames for easy access to accounts with banking information and other sensitive data. 
  • Ransomware. With ransomware, your entire computer or IT network will be held to ransom. Hackers may lock all of your files and threaten to leak or withhold access. 
  • Phishing. A phishing scam email may appear to be a legitimate business inquiry, but they try to take personal information from you. 

While these threats are common and serious, it’s possible to prevent these problems from ever occurring in the first place. The Southshore Managed IT Group delivers exceptional spam protection services to eliminate threats before they reach your inbox. 

The Benefits of Working With a Managed IT Team

If training and maintaining an in-house IT team is beyond your company’s capabilities, choose the Southshore Managed IT Group for the unwavering support that you deserve. Managed IT lets you direct your valuable resources elsewhere, increasing your business’s efficiency and more:  

  • Dependable Tech Support. With a managed IT team available, you can easily navigate the hurdles that occur as you transition away from an outdated system. If a question comes up, we’re prepared to provide the information you need. 
  • Increased Security. We continuously update your system’s hardware to keep operations efficient. As a result, your IT infrastructure remains prepared to handle the newest security threats. 
  • Data Backup. Our business continuity services ensure that your company is ready for a crisis. Avoid losing precious data by backing up your information where it can be easily accessed later. 

To Learn More About Our Spam Protection Service, Crown Point Businesses Can Call Us Today

The Southshore Managed IT Group proudly assists small to medium-sized businesses by providing the dependable managed IT services they need. With our spam protection service, Crown Point companies can keep their data safe by preventing spam at its roots. Call us today to learn more about our services. 

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