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The Southshore Managed IT Group is dedicated to serving small and medium-sized businesses. We understand first-hand the intricacies of running a business. You manage the ins and outs of your business, and you’re looking for ways to keep things running efficiently. In many cases, preventing the issue before it ever happens is your best bet. Protect your business’s assets with our spam protection service in Portage. Here’s what you need to know about spam and why it’s a threat you shouldn’t overlook. 

What is Spam, and Why Should Businesses Take It Seriously? 

When you think of spam, you likely imagine a cluttered email inbox filled with messages containing suspicious links. Spam is often sent in the form of emails containing viruses and malware as a means to steal your information. One of the most common types of spam is phishing emails, in which the email contains seemingly safe content, usually an advertisement, but is actually dangerous. Over the years, spam threats have increased, leaving more and more people prone to phishing. Many individuals underestimate just how dangerous spam can be to their business’s safety. 

These emails are highly deceptive and may appear completely innocuous. To an untrained eye, spam can appear the same as any other email marketing, leaving those unknowingly vulnerable to opening it and subsequently downloading malware. This is especially true if it slipped past your email system’s spam folder. You may not have time to train your staff to recognize a spam email, so your best option is to prevent them from ever reaching the inbox. 

Here’s why you should invest in a spam protection service:

  • Peace of Mind. Running a business involves a lot of your time and energy. Spend it wisely by handing your IT infrastructure to our skilled team. Our spam protection services offer 24/7 defense against cyber threats so you can rest easy knowing we’re on the watch. 
  • Effective. We uphold your highest standards of quality. As such, our services go beyond your expectations in terms of helping your business stay safe. Our spam protection service is effective. You can depend on it to keep your most important information safe and sound while defending against the latest threats. 
  • Managed by an Experienced Team. One of the benefits of outsourcing your IT services involves expertise. We are highly experienced in many areas of IT and are confident that we can deliver the results you expect. We manage and update the spam protection filter regularly to guard against new viruses and phishing scams. 
  • Productivity. Keep your business running smoothly by preventing threats instead of having to clean up the mess afterward. 

Talk to Our Team to Discover the Benefits of Spam Protection  

Invest in your business’s safety with the Southshore Managed IT Group. Our spam protection service in Portage is designed to keep your business safe from the latest threats. Protect your most invaluable assets today by giving us a call. We’ll discuss the details of our services at a consultation, so you fully understand our commitment to you.

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