Aug 18

Community Health Systems the latest to get hacked

Once again a major network has been infiltrated, this time at Community Health Systems. Malware may not seem like it is dangerous, slowing down your computer and throwing popups in your face constantly, but it is critical to avoid being infected because once you’ve been infected there is no telling who has what information.

Not only can malware create a frustrating environment, but it also has the ability to log each key press which gives hackers the ability to find out passwords and more. Malware comes in all shapes and sizes. Some malware will render your computer useless and other types of malware hides in the background to allow you to work unknowingly while a hacker collects data.

It isn’t just an issue with big business, hackers understand that small businesses have critical data and they realize that many small business owners do not understand the importance of securing their network. When you give your personal information to a healthcare provider, attorney, or financial advisor, ask them about their policies and procedures regarding your information and their critical data. If they don’t have any then give them our contact information.

This is why we created a specific process to “lock things down”! Since the inception of Southshore Managed IT Group, we have had zero infections in our client base because of the process that we use to protect our client networks. Interested in learning more? Click on over to our contact page.



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