Jun 18

Credit Card Skimming

Written by: Jack Loomis, Cyber Security Specialist

While credit card skimming isn’t a new thing, and malicious actors have been utilizing this feature since just about the time that credit cards became popular, it’s always good to refresh ourselves on what to look out for. Also, with the changes in technology – specifically the use of chip cards and inserted readers instead of sliders – there are some new pieces of information that could help prevent you from falling victim to credit card theft:

  • Do not fall under the assumption that because you have a chip card, you are immune to this attack. Malicious attackers have found ways around this encryption, and utilize an attack known as Credit Card Shimming. While this is similar to skimming, shimming is more advanced and harder to spot. Instead of placing a fake swiper on the credit terminal, actors will place fake keypads – or if they have the means to go one step further – fake slots for people to insert their cards.
  • Whether Skimming or Shimming, always pay extra special attention to where you are swiping or inserting your card. Look for suspicious color differences between the terminal and the card reader; a gentle tug on the credit card slot at a gas station terminal could potentially save you hundreds – if not thousands of dollars.
  • When typing in your PIN, shield it with your hand. Attackers may sometimes install a small camera at an ATM or stationary credit terminal to record people entering their PIN codes.
  • Review your bank statements regularly for any fraudulent charges. While this is something that’s good to do anyway, taking a few extra seconds to look for anything suspicious on your statement could help you catch fraud early, and nip it in the bud before anything serious happens.

If you are interested in more information on Cybersecurity, please reach out to Southshore Managed IT Group at 219-226-3386. Click here to learn how a credit card skimmer works, and some warning signs for how to spot one.



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