Oct 25

Critical Thinking and Conversation

Southshore Managed IT Group as your MSP, gives you something to be used every day, forever.

That is Time, by managing your network and day to day, you are given time that was being allocated to an area of business, that took away from another focus. This non-renewable resource is vital to growing and maintaining your business, so why not get some more time to focus on what your business needs.

When meeting with someone for the first time be it in a social or business related setting, other than appearance and body language, the only thing we have to learn more about each other is conversation. Language is one of the tools that we take for granted in our modern day. Instant response via email, text video chat, social media, etc. There is no assumption or reading between the lines when individuals converse in the same room, assuming they are being genuine.  So that said, while we should always be “In the moment” with listening and replying and sharing with the people we speak with day in and day out. We actually have the capacity to also think critically about what we are receiving and transmitting.  When any individual makes a claim about something they are sharing the data they have acquired through experience and social behaviors amongst other things.


What is forgotten or perhaps overlooked, is the shared experience that alters the standard programming of the people involved. Let’s explore that a bit, all notions of belief are being altered to some degree, agreements, disagreements, approach, process. The mere state of being with a new person alters the wiring and the biochemistry of both people. Why not acknowledge this from the first moment? That, while people often speak with a level of certainty and our willing to educate and defend to a point nearly any statement they make, that the truth is we never truly know how or when we will arrive at the end of our statements/thoughts. They appear out of a desire to share what we believe to be good and true and in most cases often relate to the subject matter at hand.

However the truth is, we have very little control of where these ideas emerge from. So Critical thinking comes into the ballgame, if you place the same consideration on the other individual and yourself, ie you view each other as equals. Critically thinking about the content you put into the universe and how you weigh other people’s statements, can be a lengthy and somewhat academic endeavor. However, if we would take the time out of our busy lives to try and reach crystal clear and four-dimensional agreements and understanding, in giving more time to a critical approach. Our paths forward would likely have one less thing to take off of our already overburdened and busy lifestyle.


Managing that time and resource Is What Southshore Managed IT Group does in the avenue of your business’s IT.

When it comes to freeing up our most valuable of resources, time that is. Wouldn’t it be in the best interest of any company to have more of it? Take the time to contact us and find out more.



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