Mar 28

Does Your IT Provider Help You Reduce Spending?

Most people understand that network downtime is a major contributor to unnecessary spending, but believe it or not some companies have actually come to accept the fact that their technology just won’t work on occasion. A printer acts up each day taking 5 minutes of time here. Their computers are older, taking several minutes to boot each day and they are just plain slow.

Take your average employee earning $15/hour and think about them waiting on a slow computer several times throughout the day totaling just 30 minutes a day…That small, but common example ends up costing the company roughly $5,400 every three years for one employee. Isn’t that far more expensive than replacing a computer. That doesn’t count any actual work that could have been performed to increase revenue.

Lack of security allows employees to surf anywhere, at anytime, and the result is that we find research that states: “The average employee spends two hours a day on Facebook”. Two hours a day! Taking our previous example, that winds up costing your company more than $20,000 every three years JUST in lost wages, JUST for one employee. Again, that doesn’t count any actual work that could have been performed to increase revenue. Do the math in your own organization and think about the cost effectiveness of locking down unnecessary surfing.

Isn’t technology supposed to help improve the efficiency of business and not impede it. With the vast array of technology available today, downtime is unacceptable no matter the reason.



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