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Email Encryption

Email has transformed the way we communicate. Nowadays, nearly every business uses email to communicate with clients and coworkers alike. However, there are some pitfalls that your organization may be prone to. From malware to phishing scams, the dark side of using email is a well-known reality for some. Fortunately, by encrypting your emails, you can protect your information and maintain an efficient workflow. The Southshore Managed IT Group provides comprehensive email encryption. We’ll show you how our email encryption services can support your business’s productivity.  

What is Email Encryption?

Email is vulnerable to a wide range of cyber threats. Hackers sometimes use emails to attach malware and computer viruses in attachments, which are then downloaded to your computer. The reverse is true, as well. It’s possible for others to read emails that contain sensitive information, posing a risk to your company. The safest option is to encrypt your emails, which essentially makes the message unreadable, securing its content from prying eyes. 

Email encryption is a process that protects outgoing emails from being read by people other than the intended recipient. Using a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), encryption involves authentication and essentially disguises the email so those other than the recipient cannot view its content. Authentication uses a digital signature to prove that the email was sent by you. Conversely, spoofed messages will not contain the signature, indicating to the recipient that the email may be dangerous. 

There are three main email components to encrypt:

  • Network connection to your email provider, to ensure emails are delivered to only the intended recipient(s)
  • Archived or stored emails, to block the content from being read and to protect your account’s password
  • New outgoing email messages, so that if a hacker intercepts the message, it is unreadable 

By encrypting these components alongside using other cybersecurity measures, you’ll create a comprehensive defense against hackers.  

Benefits of Email Encryption

You may not realize how much sensitive information your company handles. From credit card information to social security numbers, there’s a lot of information transferred through email that can potentially be catastrophic should the content fall in the wrong hands. Even if your company doesn’t use email for sensitive matters, encryption is still a great option to protect vulnerable spots in your IT infrastructure

Some of the possibilities of email encryption include: 

  • Protects data and private information from hackers
  • Cost-effective solution that doesn’t involve additional equipment
  • Saves time as you don’t have to take extra steps to ensure email security
  • Comply with communication regulations  
  • Avoid spam and spoofed emails

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Your information is invaluable, and you deserve to protect it. Email is a convenient, reliable way to communicate with our colleagues and customers, so enhance your email experience by setting up encryption. There are so many possibilities in-store, and you’ll appreciate how email encryption makes your business more secure and efficient. Learn more about email encryption as well as our other services by calling the Southshore Managed IT Group



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