Oct 31

Halloween Technology Terrors

So, Halloween is here, it’s gotten cold out, the smell of Pumpkin spice is in the air and your boss finally let you put the heat on in the office. October is mostly well-known for its association with Halloween, a time of ghouls, ghosts, and trickery. But there’s a threat lurking in your office already, much scarier than carved pumpkins and cobwebs… it’s the horror of your technology failing, plunging your business into the dark ages. If you dare to scare, check out these technology horrors. Boo!

1. Your computer crashes… and you’ve lost your documents.

This is may be one of the most universally felt technology horrors. It’s especially heart breaking if you’ve got a deadline, or you were a sentence away from finishing. We’ve all felt the fear when your computer starts to act funny mid-sentence. If you like to write using Microsoft Word, then Office 365 is your hero – simply save your documents to OneDrive. With the cloud, your files are automatically backed up, saving you from an office disaster

2. Your office is in the middle of nowhere… and your connectivity is terrible.

It’s the ultimate horror movie scene – you’ve escaped the killer, you reach for the phone, and – shock – there’s no signal or internet connection! We’re sure you’ve probably never had to escape a killer in your office, but not being able to connect to your clients and vendors might just kill your business. Try using our expert infrastructure solutions to build a connection that can’t be defeated by evil.

3. Your server is close to death.

If you’re still storing your files on Windows server 2003, you’re in trouble. Support for the server ended back in 2015, meaning your system is susceptible to attack, infection, and corruption. Essentially, the grim reaper is coming for you. But don’t panic, using an updated server can rescue your business from the reaper’s clutches. Contact us to plan your system Migration to a more current Windows Server.

4. Let’s face it, cyber-security can be scary business.

Cyberattacks, including global ransomware attacks, massive data breaches, and distributed denial-of-service attacks have dominated the headlines this year. Don’t fear the cybersecurity boogie man, instead there are ways to protect and ensure your connected devices are protected with updated security and privacy features. As with any software, ensuring you run the latest updates helps patch fixes for security loopholes a hacker could exploit. Having a Managed Service Provider to track and maintain all of that for you will surely alleviate your fears.

We hope our technology horrors didn’t scare you too much! If you want more advice on how to beat the baddies, contact us today at 219-226-3386 or by clicking the Contact Us tab.



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