Jan 15

Increasing Tensions with Iran Highlight the Importance of Network Security

Bombs might be the first thing you imagine when you think of war, but for many, cyber-terror attacks are a more likely threat. As tensions rise between the United States and Iran, experts are concerned about retaliation in the form of cyberattacks. Fears of new attacks can be traced to previous waves of cyberattacks that targeted American organizations in the past.

ABC7 reports about Iran-based cyberattacks in a recent article, “Hackers-for-hire in Iran have already fired first shots in Illinois, Indiana.” According to the article, the United States faced cyberattacks from Iran in 2018. Hundreds of attacks left businesses compromised, including companies located in Illinois and Indiana.

Two recent attacks are particularly concerning. In March 2018, Iran-based hackers targeted the computer systems of the State of Indiana. The second cyberattack occurred later that year in November, targeting a Chicago company that produces healthcare technology. Not only did the hackers steal confidential information, but they also sought total control over the companies’ networks. The report notes that the hackers used an aggressive form of hacking known as a wiper attack, in which they searched for passwords that would let them take over the entire system. Companies will need to take deliberative measures to protect their network in these next few months.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

Unfortunately, the 2018 cyberattacks are only a continuation of what’s considered to be an ongoing “digital war” between the United States and Iran. As a security solutions provider in Northwest Indiana, our team at Southshore Managed IT recognizes your need for competent protection, especially when threats are imminent. Don’t become a victim to a cyberattack: prevention is your best bet. You need a reliable security system before the worst occurs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a technology company or in another industry. ABC7 notes that the hackers targeted industries across the board, from engineering to medicine, so a solid security plan is vital for every business.

Our services are comprehensive by design. Your network must be completely secure since hackers are relentless and will search for any crack in your infrastructure. We develop security solutions with this fact in mind. Given how valuable your information is in these circumstances, you will need a security plan that involves constant surveillance.

By entrusting our capable team with your network’s security, there’s no need to worry about hackers. Our IT management generates substantial security around your data. A quality firewall is just one aspect: business continuity, managed IT services and cloud services are a few of our services that backup your data and keeps hackers at bay. Speak with our team to develop the ideal security plan for your business.

Protect Your Information With Southshore Managed IT

Southshore Managed IT offers the protection you need as your risk for cyberattacks increases. We keep your information safe with our affordable, practical IT solutions. Our team offers 24/7 IT services to protect your information at all costs. We’ll keep a constant watch on your IT infrastructure to defend against threats as they come, including cyberattacks. Get protected today: call Southshore Managed IT to get started!



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