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Integrating Macs and PCs in the Workplace

Macs are becoming more popular within professional circles and in business settings since they offer versatility and efficiency to support productivity in the workplace. Of course, if your business primarily uses PCs, you may wonder how to successfully integrate Macs into your workplace. Just like any business leader, you want to make the most of your investment, so how do you combine both choices in a way that upholds your organization’s goals? The Southshore Managed It Group provides insight into the matter to aid you through the process. Here’s what you should know before integrating Macs alongside PCs at your workplace. 

Use Technological Advantages to Their Fullest

Both PCs and Macs have their own unique advantages, and in order to reap the greatest benefits, you’ll need to do some planning. Consider what you are hoping to accomplish from using a combination of Macs and Windows. Macs have quite a few attractive benefits:

  • Lower Vulnerability to Malware. When it comes to security, Macs are overall very safe from viruses and Malware. Apple products face fewer viruses and are targeted less frequently by cybercriminals, so when paired with cybersecurity measures, you can rest easy knowing your data is safe.
  • High Performance. Macs have a lot to offer in terms of performance. Businesses need dependable technology to maintain operations, and Macs operate well and have great build quality. Performance issues tend to be rare and serviceable when they do occur.    
  • Easy to Manage and Deploy. Apple users have access to all kinds of effective software 
  • Work Well With Microsoft Products. One of the aspects you may be most concerned about is whether Macs are compatible with Microsoft products. The good news is, they work very well together with the right preparations in place. 

Identify Potential Challenges and Workarounds

Despite their seemingly innocuous qualities—from their sleek appearance to their supposedly efficient functioning—Macs may pose a few challenges as you integrate this software into your PC-dominated workplace. Cross-platform networks can be beneficial for a growing company, and it’s possible for your Macs and PCs to coexist with some planning. 

    • Network Compatibility. Network problems when integrating PCs and Macs aren’t a major cause for concern when you have experienced IT specialists at your side. However, it’s possible to run into a few common issues, including file server configuration, Active Directory authentication and more. Typically, this is why you should have your strategy ready before you introduce Macs.   
    • Availability of Certain Business Software. Mac users have many options when it comes to business software: The Office Suite, Adobe products and so much more are available with a click. Of course, there are a few kinds of software that may not be available on Macs, which is why PCs have an important place.    
    • PC-Only Applications. Certain types of business software, such as Quickbooks, operate differently on Macs. There are many apps that are PC-only, so you’ll need

Identifying the potential pitfalls before they occur helps you strategize the integration and ensure the process is a stress-free experience. 

Discover How to Make Your Business More Efficient Than Ever

The Southshore Managed IT Group provides the solutions you need to increase your company’s productivity. If you’re thinking of utilizing both Macs and PCs at your workplace, call our team to ensure you have the right IT infrastructure in place. 



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