Mar 20

Is 15 minutes worth $25,000 per year to your business?

What if I told you that we could assess your network infrastructure, telecommunications and all of the technology that your business currently uses, and save you up to $25,000 a year while improving the efficiency of your business?

Would you stop what your doing and listen?

Would it be worth 15 minutes of your time?

Of course it would.

Our first customer saved nearly $500 per month, just three months into their Managed Service Agreement, by upgrading, yes UPGRADING, their Internet service, revising various vendor agreements and identifying unnecessary fees.  Installing thin clients to replace their old, clunky desktops has improved productivity throughout the company and reduced the cost of electricity noticeably.  You could be paying too much for Internet, phones, lack of productivity due to out-dated equipment, or maybe even electricity to power that old beige server.

How can you tell?

By performing a full scale assault on your technology, infrastructure and vendors with our Technology Assessment.

Open your eyes to a new type of technology consulting!

  • The type of consulting that performs an intense discovery and analysis.
  • The type of consulting that develops and implements well-planned solutions
  • The type of consulting that improves efficiency and increases YOUR revenue.
  • The type of consulting that saves YOU time and money.

Southshore Managed IT Group works with our clients to identify opportunities for savings and increased revenue by developing strategic solutions to reduce downtime and increase the effectiveness of our customers technology.  We focus on improving the efficiency of spending and revenue generation from a technological perspective.

Call us at 219-226-3386 to find out how we can get started saving you money and improving the efficiency of your technology.



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