May 28

Mobile Device Security

Written by: Jack Loomis, Cyber Security Specialist

Our mobile devices today are just as powerful as most home computers. They also hold just as much – if not more – confidential data on them. Wherever we go, our sensitive data follows. Because of this, it’s important to keep our mobile devices secure. Here are a few things to remember that will help protect mobile devices and the sensitive information that lies on them:

  • Keep your device up to date – Just like an out-of-date computer, neglecting updates on your mobile device leaves it vulnerable to attack. Developers are always looking for vulnerabilities in their software, and once they are identified those fixes are usually included in the next software update. By not keeping your device up to date, you are risking exposure to vulnerabilities that have long since been fixed.
  • Smishing – Similar to phishing, attackers attempt to get you to click malicious links by sending carefully worded SMS texts. They could be posing as your bank, or even as someone you know under a “new phone number”. With all of the messaging applications available today, it doesn’t take much to get a fake number. There are even applications that allow mass texts with those short phone numbers we see from automated texts. If you receive a suspicious text message, consult the source. If your bank is texting you that there is trouble with your account, call your bank’s customer service. 
  • Beware malicious apps – Attackers also like to utilize the popularity of app stores to attempt to steal sensitive information. While most apps that are submitted to the Apple and Google Play stores are carefully scrutinized, no system is perfect. Sometimes, a malicious app may slip through. One way that we can spot a potentially malicious app is by what permissions it requests. For example, does that new game you downloaded really need access to your camera and microphone? 

These are just a few tips to help you keep your mobile devices and sensitive information secure. If you’d like more information on mobile security, please call Southshore Managed IT Group at 219-226-3386.



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