Jan 06

New Year, New Options

Greetings all,


Here we are, looking down the long road of 2017. If you have stopped by the blog before, you’ll notice a theme of sorts. I often find myself writing my ideas along side an album or in cadence to a style of music. Sometimes trying to relate the central point to the music or album. Today the idea is time as a measurement. The coaches and training seminars and top 500 lists, always relate a magical tactic to help with time management. For the individual these can be amazing tools, whether its the premier athlete or CEO

An individual who wants it, will book it in advance or spend thousands for the time of the group or individual offering these skills and training.  Or perhaps the company you work for sets a workshop for the employees, having a coach come in and rally the troops. What I find to be true across the board, is the idea that a one time payment of finance and time to learn these skills is enough. Often the skills may slip from practice as time moves forward and the real world creeps back around us. Some will dedicate the time to keep the newly learned skills fresh and active. Being practical, why not hire a company to give you more time and manage some aspect of your business?  Individuals will put a value on an amount of time and what is delivered inside that time. A world renowned coach can charge thousands for a few hours of their time,  A lesser known maybe hundreds. The only thing that is of any importance is the experience or moment of insight you are aiming for. However, either coach could provide the end goal. Though the association is the more expensive and popular coach will deliver, right? We link our perception of value to our perception of time. We then judge the quality against the amount of time needed against it.

We’ve been here before, if you are currently not partnered with a MSP, you deserve better. Give me a call @ 219-226-3386 ext. 706 Jonathon Bassett.

This is what we do for your network and IT needs. Data, much like money is a never sleeping entity. Every moment that is measurable in time has a value attached to it in finance. Your network, your Data has a price tag. Instead of you or anyone else in the office becoming distracted or losing time, we manage it and therefore give you more time, over the course of your day/week/month/year.  So let’s get things going in 2017 that benefit everyone.


I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Safe New Years.






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