Jul 08

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As it has been the case with technology and innovation throughout the world, we as a consumer based society are now on the side of the cost of technology becoming more and more cost efficient for the average family/business and individual. Integrating these new found options into the day to day experience is becoming less of a choice and more of a mandate, allowing WE THE PEOPLE to streamline our lifestyles in the same way that was once only available to companies and corporations. The example that inspires this post is The Samsung Family Hub Center. This delightful new product, is a valuable example as to how IT support may become virtually mandatory as a service for homes in America and throughout the world. So the point of all this is as follows: If the home is going to become a place for a new generation of services in the IT field as these new technologies continue to become more and more cost efficient for the average consumer, what are you as a business owner, small, medium or large, doing to manage your IT?

Here at Southshore Managed IT Group, we have continued to provide a pro-active approach to helping business of all sizes manage the day to day of IT.

Jon Bassett-Account Executive



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