Business Continuity

Life is full of unknowns, many of which can prove disastrous for a business that has not created a continuity plan. Business continuity measures are deceptively simple: in the event of a disaster, emergency or other unexpected and sudden change, your business will continue functioning as expected. With technological systems providing quick and effective solutions in many areas of business that were once analog, there are now options for data protection, backups and archiving that have never before been possible.

However, new threats to company data and software have also become prevalent. Whether you are seeking data replication, backup of deleted emails or colocation services — along with many other services — we’ve got you covered! At Southshore Managed IT Group, we assist our clients in designing high-tech solutions to high-tech problems. That way your business can keep running, regardless of the unexpected situations life presents.

When Emergencies Arise

There are many situations your business may face that could qualify as a disaster or emergency. With our expanded reliance on technology in the workspace — and all the efficiency this brings — there is a whole new realm of challenges which present themselves to modern businesses. A few potentially-disastrous situations many companies face include:

  • Natural disaster – these are once destroyed necessary records and accounts within the company. However, with offsite backups and cloud services, this is no longer necessarily the case.
  • Deleted relevant emails – This is a surprisingly common issue and one which can spin out of control if an email or document goes permanently missing. Backup services can allow for quick and easy recovery of all critical business documents.
  • Data problems – whether your company data has been compromised through a phishing scam, has become corrupted, or is being threatened by a virus, our backup services can help you reset and avoid risky situations.

Our IT business continuity services can help mitigate these situations — and many others. By backing up your company’s data, we can keep it on-hand and accessible, no matter what emergencies arise. Further, we manage your backup data, so that you don’t need to worry about it.

Our Business Continuity Services

If your sites, email accounts and other sensitive data is compromised, corrupted or otherwise damaged, we have you covered! Southshore Managed IT Group manages your backup services, protecting your data and information offsite, thereby allowing quick recovery following a disaster. However, every business is different, and we offer a wide range of services which may be customized to suit your company’s needs. Whether your business is large or small, we offer comprehensive protection for a variety of disastrous situations. Some of our business continuity services include:

  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Backup monitoring
  • Colocation services
  • Offsite backup
  • Data replication
  • Email archiving

If you are interested in learning more about any of our services and how we can help protect your business and its data through the unexpected, call Southshore Managed IT Group today. You can reach us at our Northwest Indiana office, or by contacting us on our website.

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