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If you’re running a business today, it is likely that you’ve heard the term “cloud” floating around. In fact, any companies that use email or store files online are using cloud services; it is an essential function of the internet and one that many businesses can use to boost their efficiency and safety in today’s high-tech landscape.

What is the Cloud?

In short, the “cloud” is another term for the internet. A cloud is an excellent metaphor for the internet since it is a tremendous number of different devices and users, all with the potential to connect with one another. As a result, all internet-accessing devices are part of the same huge network, comprising a giant “cloud” that covers the world. Using this enormous network to your advantage can result in unique opportunities for your business.

What are Cloud Services?

As mentioned above, the decentralized nature of the internet provides some unique opportunities for you and your business. Southshore Managed IT Group provides three primary cloud services for your business:

  • Cloud Hosting – we help manage your data needs from our center, allowing you to focus on running your own business. While many companies run into significant problems with their data usage, having to deal with server issues and space, our cloud hosting services can circumvent that problem entirely.
  • Microsoft Cloud Services – Microsoft has been a leader in innovating and designing reliable cloud services, pioneering many of the systems that we continue to use today. Whether you are interested in using Office, Windows or Azure, we can help get you set up and running in the way that best suits you and your business.
  • Hosting Applications – The cloud can also help host certain important applications for your company. Using a cloud hosting service can avoid IT issues and even saves you money in the long run. These can include hosted and archived email services, SharePoint and many other applications which provide better networking, sharing and communication across your business.

Benefits of Cloud Services

If you are running a business that uses any internet storage, you have already witnessed the massive benefits of cloud services firsthand. However, there are many benefits — both subtle and immediately apparent — you’ll opt in to by working with our cloud service specialists today! These include:

  • Stability – Cloud services provide increased stability and performance from your servers.
  • Security – You can avoid many hardware issues and data breaches you might ordinarily experience.
  • Affordability – Southshore Managed IT Group’s cloud services provide better, faster services for a lower price.

If any of these sound good, you’re not alone! Thousands of businesses have already switched over to cloud services, and are experiencing faster, more stable performance at a fraction of the cost of on-premise servers. Southshore Managed IT Group offers excellent cloud services to businesses all across Northwest Indiana and beyond – reach out today to learn more!

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