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Technology has become an integral part of most modern workplaces — whether you work in a cubicle, a school or a hardware store. The truth is, most of us rely on technology every day, and making sure all of our technological systems are running efficiently and correctly should be a top priority for us all. However, this does not always come to pass. Many business owners throughout the U.S. find themselves frustrated by obsolete technological systems around the workplace, slowing productivity and creating daily obstacles for workers and the business alike. At Southshore Managed IT Group, we provide hosted IT services that offer an effective and efficient network of IT systems throughout your workplace, proving to be both high-tech and highly-accessible to your employees. That way, your business can continue running smoothly, limiting downtime and maximizing the efficiency of your daily tasks.

Our Managed IT Services

When you join the Southshore Managed IT Group family, you can count on a couple of immediate benefits for your workplace. Among our many services, our Managed IT guarantees that you’ll enjoy:

  • Guaranteed and consistent tech support – When you opt for a Managed IT system, you should count on having a few hurdles as your business transitions away from obsolete or outdated systems and towards state-of-the-art IT solutions. Once those systems are in place, we’ll be accessible and ready to lend a hand for any questions you might have.
  • Repair and replacement of systems – Over time, technological systems tend to break down and become outdated. We offer replacement of the necessary hardware and systems to keep your business running efficiently.
  • System security – We provide up-to-date spyware, malware and virus protection for all of your systems. We can also help set up password verifications and access requirements for employees.
  • Automatic system updates – We can help keep all of your IT systems updated regularly, allowing them to continue working at peak performance.

All of these amazing features — and many more — will be made available to you once you sign up for our Managed IT services.  After all, we are the region’s premier Managed IT company, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Preventative IT Solutions

While our technicians are more than willing — and equipped — to help your business sort through any number of IT-related issues, we prefer to help you avoid these altogether, whenever possible. With that in mind, our solutions build towards preventative measures and troubleshooting, rather than reactive fixes and system cleanup. We start by running a full system diagnostic on your business, going over where your system is currently at, and what improvements you would like made. Whether you want a stronger internet connection, updated software or better protection from viruses, we can tailor a system that works for the needs of your business and prevents issues down the line.

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To get in touch with the technology experts at Southshore Managed IT Group, give us a call at our Northwest Indiana location today! You can also reach out on our website, leaving your contact information and a message explaining what you think we can help with. We’ll be in touch and can schedule a time to go over your business’ technology needs and how our Managed IT services can help!

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