Aug 26

Songs in the key of Life

Songs in the key of life, It’s as good as it gets to me.Stevie Wonder

So, if you have a copy on vinyl, drop the needle. If not, stream it.

It appears, we are still operating in a quick fix society. I agree it has gone too far. We at Southshore have an approach of growth and longevity. Think about priorities and disasters regarding technology in business and how they are addressed in the day to day. If you cannot find instant answers to that question, than Southshore Managed IT Group as your MSP is the answer. We manage and consult our clients, with actual conversation and custom tailored, long term growth plans.

It can take months into almost a year to fully uncover the inner workings and mishaps of a company. Having Southshore Managed IT Group take the burden off of the “Tech” side of things, allows our clients to focus on what matters most to them. So, what is with the Stevie Wonder reference and music…..Well the days of a double LP that was considered a concept album have dwindled. The quick fix pop single appears to be in line with the service industry. I bring up Songs in the key of life and the length of the album as a bridge showing how Managed Services is a long term concept. It’s a body of work that develops and grows. All the while keeping a theme in place, supporting and maintaining your network and day to day needs relating to “tech”. Over the course of time We at Southshore Managed IT Group are able to identify areas of your business that are preventing continuity and also address areas and practices be they hardware upgrades or software that allows for growth.

The biggest hurdle in the world of a MSP is educating, Firstly what is encompassed in our offerings, but also the direction of Global Markets.

The reality of business being able to supply all the needs of it’s components internally is a near zero option for the vast majority of businesses. When the business community adopts, accepts and embraces this shift, as some of you already have, true growth and focus can be achieved.
Removing a hazard cost mentality from IT and Budgeting it as a percentage amount of your annual budget, will show how much time and resource is lost internally to the business and then the external costs can be measured. Having an understanding in this first phase, moves the needle to being able to then fill that lost time with productivity and other initiatives for growth. While knowing all the time that any and all “IT” issues are being removed and corrected before they occur. Still being able to have onsite or phone/email support instantly, removes any unneeded downtime to arise again, allowing one to focus on the areas they want to improve and grow.

As it is with Songs in the key of life………..Second Part coming soon.



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