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Stay Cyber Safe This Holiday Season

Cyber threats are one of the biggest risks for a small business. Security attacks can happen when you least expect them, and for many businesses, that time is the holiday season. As you and your team focus on finishing up work in the weeks before your long winter break, don’t neglect routine updates to your technology. Outsourcing your IT needs is among the most effective ways to ensure your information is protected from hackers. 

The Southshore Managed IT Group offers dependable tech support when you need it the most. Use these tips to stay cyber-safe this upcoming holiday season. 

Turn Off Unused Computers Over the Holidays

While the idea of shutting down your computers may seem like an overabundance of caution, Leaving your devices unattended makes it easier for hackers to slip through without your watchful eye. If you aren’t using the technology for more than a day, shut it down. This step isn’t necessary for all businesses, but if you are planning on taking a decent break for the new year, avoid leaving any virtual back doors open for hackers. 

Examine Your IT Infrastructure for Vulnerabilities

It is important to have a professional IT team assess your systems and patch anything that may give hackers a chance to infiltrate. This task isn’t always easy, which is why you need a trusted IT group there to scan your devices and check for updates that can block malware. We can set up security updates to be installed automatically and run a remote monitoring tool to watch your IT infrastructure 24/7. By taking a proactive approach, you can mitigate the risks of a full-system disaster. 

Isolate Unprotected Software and Hardware

If your company uses older technology to manage key operations, you’ll want to disconnect them from the network and the Internet, if possible, to lower the risk of a cyber attack. Outdated computers and other tools are harder to patch and often do not contain the necessary updates to defend against new cyber threats. Protect your better hardware, as well as your company’s data, with the help of our IT team. We can also help you create an effective strategy to eventually place your older software with a new, efficient one. 

Be Cautious With Unknown Email Addresses and Do Not Open Attachments

Ransomware and phishing scams often happen in the form of emails, which are sent to a company under the guise of being a legitimate business prospect. One wrong click and your information may be in jeopardy. Hackers have gotten crafty at making emails look perfectly normal, and it can be hard to discern a false email from a real one. If your organization has received these emails, talk to our team about installing an email spam filter to block these dangerous messages from ever reaching your inbox. 

Outsource Your Managed IT Needs

By taking these steps, you can relax during the holidays, knowing your data is safe with the Southshore Managed IT Group. Contact our team today if you’re ready to create an IT strategy. We provide a range of services and we’re confident you’ll appreciate what we offer.



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