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Nov 12

URGENT SECURITY WARNING: Cryptolocker is back.

THE FOLLOWING IS A CRITICAL SECURITY ANNOUNCEMENT FOR ALL EMPLOYEES OF ALL BUSINESSES. PLEASE DO NOT OPEN ANY EMAIL THAT IS RECEIVED FROM ADP! Malicious attackers are using email messages that appear to come from random names @adp.com and include an attachment that appears to…

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Aug 18

Community Health Systems the latest to get hacked

Once again a major network has been infiltrated, this time at Community Health Systems. Malware may not seem like it is dangerous, slowing down your computer and throwing popups in your face constantly, but it is critical to avoid being infected because once you've been…

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May 18

4 Steps to Improve the Security of Your Business

Through the years, hacking has changed quite a bit which puts small businesses at serious risk if antivirus is the only preventative measure. Relying on antivirus software to ensure that your business is protected is the wrong approach and has been for some time now,…

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Jan 04

How-to: Disable and uninstall Java 7

If you have not already read, The Department of Homeland Security is urging computer users to disable or uninstall the Java programming language because of a serious security vulnerability  that could make users vulnerable to identity theft or allow their computers to be exploited by "botnets" that…

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