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Jul 03

Happy Fourth of July!

  Did you know the United States of America actually gained it's independence from Great Britain on July 2nd? The Second Continental Congress voted to approve an independence resolution that Richard Henry Lee proposed in June to declare the United States independent of Great Britain's…

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Sep 16

Song In the Key of Life Pt. 2

Welcome Friends, Here is a nice chart to show you where things are at regarding the state of Technology.   As I stated in Part one......More to come. Well here it is. Current projections for use and revenue created by the sector in which we…

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Aug 26

Songs in the key of Life

Songs in the key of life, It's as good as it gets to me. So, if you have a copy on vinyl, drop the needle. If not, stream it. It appears, we are still operating in a quick fix society. I agree it has gone…

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Jul 08

Riding the Wave

[audio mp3="https://southshoremanagedit.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/ruleworld.mp3"][/audio] [button font_size="20" color="#1e0df2" text_color="#ffffff" icon="" url="https://southshoremanagedit.com/about-us/" width="" target="_self"]Learn More[/button] As it has been the case with technology and innovation throughout the world, we as a consumer based society are now on the side of the cost of technology becoming more and more cost…

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