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Jul 12

Buying a New PC for Business?

  I often get asked for my opinion on what brand or processor is best along with whether or not to get a laptop or desktop. On the other hand, I hardly ever get asked about which edition of Windows to choose. I’m not talking…

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Jun 17

Save the Headache, Stop Using Macs for Business

Enticing, but Practical? Let me preface this by saying that using Macs for business isn’t a completely terrible idea. Like anything else, you should always do what fits you best. That being said, just because it isn’t terrible, doesn’t mean it isn’t an inadvisable idea.…

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Jun 01

Prevent Upgrading to Windows 10

Here Is the place to go when Windows 10 Updates have become a headache at home or work. Our very own Jeff Waspi sourced this for you, just follow the link and follow the instructions. Direct Download 1. Run/open the program. Click “Yes” if it…

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May 18

4 Steps to Improve the Security of Your Business

Through the years, hacking has changed quite a bit which puts small businesses at serious risk if antivirus is the only preventative measure. Relying on antivirus software to ensure that your business is protected is the wrong approach and has been for some time now,…

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