Jun 23

What is Now Logical?


Here we are in Mid 2016 and the Internet of things is beginning to take hold of our lives in a more active way. Interactive home units to answer your questions and control your music, lights, etc. Buttons to order your go-to purchases or to track your habits.

Most importantly the cost continues to go down to where even the 99% can easily purchase and make great use of these innovations. The time is at hand where any one person with an idea can add value or benefit to the rest of the world. Now more than ever, anyone can outsource and have the ideas put into the market. So, as the integration of technology and the home front continue to merge. If this is the emerging standard for the home, what are you doing for your business?

Having a Managed Service Provider to keep all things IT on the up and up and running proactive maintenance for the business is becoming a standard for success. The shift of understanding is that there are times when half the world is asleep however, Southshore Managed IT Group is awake 24 hours a day. While most MSP’s will make the same claim, the largest and most significant difference we bring is a culture of learning how to identify trends in technology and address potential issues before they are even integrated into the public and business forum. Meaning, we not only solve problems before they happen, we also see the problems that will effect productivity of new software and hardware developments in the works.

I’ll refer you to what our clients have to say.

Thanks as always,

Jon Bassett-Account Executive



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