Sep 16

Song In the Key of Life Pt. 2

Welcome Friends,

Here is a nice chart to show you where things are at regarding the state of Technology.


As I stated in Part one……More to come. Well here it is. Current projections for use and revenue created by the sector in which we offer our services. Some will read this and know that they occupy a part of this space. Whether you as a business are with a MSP currently or looking into this configuration for the future, here is where it stands as a long term body of service today. Should any of you use a break/fix model still, meaning you only call on an IT firm when there is a literal break in the product, be it hardware or software. That approach is akin to your personal life, car breaks; go to mechanic, Furnace/Water Heater; Plumber. This is clearly the model most people and still business in general view “IT”.  The case is clearly being made and represented that the inefficiency of that approach has and is being replaced at a steady rate of Growth Locally and Globally with the MSP Platform.


  • 2016 will be a key year for organizations pursuing strategies for digital transformation. While both large and small businesses have embraced cloud and mobile over the last five years, the benefits of digital business will take more than just adopting these technologies. C‐‐suite executives will be pressured to drive the reorganization of business models and workflows to assure alignment with existing technology investments while implementing new elements of data analytics, social, and automation. In addition to technology itself, expect more emphasis on improving end-to-end user experience in the year ahead.

This occurs over a stream of time that is focused on by your MSP in regards to the business they are servicing.  If you are not there yet or Content with the Status Quo, you may want to take some time and contact Southshore Managed IT Group and discover what you are missing.



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