Nov 16

Thankful for Technology


The turkey and stuffing are in the oven, pies have been baked and families gather around to take inventory of what they have to be thankful for. Have you thought about what you’re thankful for this year? Maybe it’s your health, your family, your career or even football and shopping! Whatever you’re thankful for, this is the time of year to think about all we are blessed with.

Thanksgiving Day is a celebration of family and togetherness and food, lots and lots of yummy food.  Technology might be the one thing most of us do NOT want to think about on Thanksgiving. Put away your smartphones and your laptop, and disconnect for just day, right? Well, technology can help bring us together on this American holiday, provided that it is put to good use rather than used as a family time distraction. Although we highly recommend spending quality, in-person face time with your friends and family on this special holiday, there are more than a few ways that technology can help make your Turkey Day go a little more smoothly.

Whether you’re using cooking apps or watching the parade on your big screen TV, technology is something to be thankful for. Let’s face it, it’s virtually impossible to get every member of the family together in one place on Thanksgiving Day. You can use a laptop, desktop, tablet or even a phone. Video calling on the Internet these days is easy, cheap, and everywhere. Whether you prefer Skype, FaceTime, or a different video chatting service, don’t let distance prevent you from telling your family how much you miss them and love them this Thanksgiving.

Don’t let technology take away from your Thanksgiving day. Put the best of this digital age to work instead to make this Thanksgiving even more meaningful. Don’t forget to give thanks for the friends and family beside us, the food before us, and the love between us. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Southshore Managed IT Group!



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