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Oct 07

11-7-2016 Comcast Update

As of 11:35 am CST this is the current state of Comcast Nationwide. Should you be in need of Assistance feel free to contact us at 219-226-3386

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Sep 06


Have you moved your email and collaboration to Office 365 or Google Apps? If so, do you know if your data is protected? The truth is that even data in cloud-based apps are vulnerable to: Damage to viruses or ransomware Deletion of end-users Errors such…

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Aug 12

Social Engineering

SOCIAL ENGINEERING Today, I am going to be writing about social engineering, and a couple of the main social engineering strategies that are used everyday. One of the top strategies of social engineering would be one that is used everyday more often than you may…

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Jul 12

Buying a New PC for Business?

  I often get asked for my opinion on what brand or processor is best along with whether or not to get a laptop or desktop. On the other hand, I hardly ever get asked about which edition of Windows to choose. I’m not talking…

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